Our Symposium


The Manitoba Undergraduate Healthcare Symposium, hosted by the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare, is a three-day conference that consists of a variety of keynotes, seminars, case challenges, and hands-on workshops, on issues pertaining to the Canadian healthcare system. 

Ever year there is a theme. Last year's theme "Breaking Barriers: The Evolving Field of Healthcare", focused on showcasing the exciting advancements in healthcare. Our goal was to create an opportunity for students to exchange knowledge and network with professionals in an interdisciplinary fashion between all major professions in our Canadian healthcare system today. 

The conference took place at the Bannatyne Campus of the University of Manitoba on May 11 and May 12, and a social was held at Thom Bargen on May 10 to kick off the weekend! 

Keep your eyes out for the registration date for the symposium in 2020. It includes access to a mixer, and two full days of the conference, including keynotes, seminars, case challenges, and hands-on workshops.  


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