The Manitoba Undergraduate Healthcare symposium consists of a variety of keynotes, seminars, case challenges, and hands-on workshops that focus on current issues in the Canadian healthcare system. 



Keynote speakers are at the forefront of the art and science of healthcare: they put forward big ideas, talk about their own experiences and offer advice on how students can make a mark on Canadian healthcare.  



Seminars allow delegates to experience an in-depth exploration of specialized topics. The interactive, discussion-based nature of the seminar will encourage delegates to bring forward their own ideas. 


case challenges 

Teams of delegates are presented with a case challenge where they tackle a current healthcare problem and present feasible solutions. Collaboration between students in different disciplines of study are highly encouraged and supported. 



Interactive, hands-on workshops allow delegates to learn a new skill in a low-pressure environment. Run by students for students, delegates will have the chance to practice a skill they would not have learned otherwise.


RESearch competition

Students have the opportunity to present their research projects to their peers and notable individuals within healthcare.